Bottled Up

Bottled Up is a collaborative project that explores the relationship of art/design and human emotion. The goal of the project is to create a digital gallery that explores this dynamic from multiple perspectives.

Each artist was given a template scene file of a glass container on a shelf. Artists were encouraged to make whatever subject they want in whatever style they chose within the glass container. The only catch was, each piece needed to in some way relate to an emotion.​​​​​​​

Artist: Berd

Artist: Wes L Cockx

Artist: Geoff Keough

Artist: Luke Guyer

Artist: Linus Zoll

Artist: Ijia Shoo

Artist: Jeff Briant

Artist: Drew Nelson

Artist: Brendi LW

Artist: Peter Tarka


Project Creator: Chris Guyot
Artists: Alejandro Pérez, Alex Jacobo-Blonder, Andrew Prousalis, Berd, Blake Kathryn, Brendi LW, Casey Latiolais, Chris Guyot, Cristian Malagón Garcia, Drew Nelson, Frankie Principe, Geoff Keough, Handel Eugene, Ijia Shoo, JeanPierre Le Roux, Jeff Briant, Joey Camacho, Jonathan Lindgren, Laura Sirvent, Linus Zoll, Liron Ashkenazi Eldar, Luke Guyer, Mike Humphrey, Patrick Sluiter, Peter Tarka, Sekani Solomon, 
The Rusted Pixel, Wes L Cockx

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