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When Dicks Sporting Goods came calling for a fresh, high-energy holiday broadcast spot, Good Secrets and happyMedium teamed up to knock it out of the park. Thanks to the entire global team for this season sizzler—looking forward to the next round!



Client - Dicks Sporting Goods

🌹  happyMedium - Agency  🌹
Jake Houvenagle - Creative Director
Sarah Bromston - Producer

🙃  Good Secrets - Production  🙃​​​​​​​
Casey Latiolais - Creative Director
Lisa Burhanna - Producer
James Heredia - Lead Designer

Bryan Frank

Alvaro Navarro
Yas N. Vicente
Rob Juarez

Look Dev
Rob Juarez

Aleksy Sheludchenko
Casey Latiolais
Mau Borba

3D Animation
Casey Latiolais
Mau Borba
Tim Weiser

2D Animation
Julieta Tobon

Casey Latiolais
Chris Szeto
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