2018 -- 2019
Branding, Marketing


Ever fought your way through a post-apocalyptic, zombie
wasteland? Ever seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder
of Orion? Have you ever hitched a ride on a humpback
whale a mile beneath the surface? We have, and it’s
pretty dang fun! When our long-time client/collaborator
asked us to deliver a cool, colorful VR store for Oculus
we had to ask, “Is this real life?”

Are you game?

A focus on characters and the humanity behind Oculus’
 exciting games makes this interactive, ever-evolving Store
as engaging and fun as the worlds it opens up to you.

Through real time and space.​​​​​​​

On top of our themed collections, we create ongoing
seasonal releases and holiday packs to help keep the
Store feeling fresh and fun for every VR voyage.
The possibilities are virtually endless. Game on!
Oculus Store, 2018-19

Executive Creative Director
Kevin Walker

Executive Producer
Emily Rickard

Art Director
Casey Latiolais

Kirsten Collabolletta

Álvaro Navarro
Brianne Gagg
Felipe Medina
Marla Moore
Mark Kulakoff
Martin Cusano
Mau Borba
Sol Lee
Trey Holt
Yas N Vicente
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